DD-WRT Interface Confusion for VLANs

TL-WDR3600One of our most popular posts was information on how to do VLANs and OpenVPN on DD-WRT, but I just recently discovered a couple of mistakes in the iptables rules due to come confusion over how DD-WRT handles interface names for the primary LAN.

I’ve been trying for a LONG time to get a couple of test machines on my bench VLAN to print to my main laser printers. Never could seem to get it working.

Turns out my rules above were a little bit off…


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  • Using VLANs and VPN with DD-WRT

    TL-WDR3600If you’ve always wanted your WiFI router to do more, but the software seems too limited, don’t spend hundreds on a router from the likes of Zyxel or Sonicwall. You may be able to supercharge your router with a freely available firmware called DD-WRT. I’m not going to cover the basics of DD-WRT as there are tons of resources out there. But my business network utilizes a few things that have a fairly advanced configuration and after some experimentation, I wanted to share what I did to get a $60 router performing like one costing hundreds more.


  • Filed under: Networking
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